Learning Academy is a homeschooling cooperative which consists of homeschooling and unschooling families from the Pinellas County area working together to provide a gathering place for our children to engage in learning and social opportunities. Largo Learning Academy is a faith-based group; however, we do not teach classes that would promote a specific church’s doctrine. Our mission is to provide a quality environment in which children are nurtured while engaging in classes and activities in a climate of mutual respect. We offer classes for elementary, junior high and high school ages. We strive to provide a variety of enrichment classes in which your child will enjoy.

When you begin the exciting but challenging journey of homeschooling, you quickly discover that you need all the support you can get. The purpose of a co-op is to provide that support through various opportunities. At a co-op, you can draw on the expertise of other people to teach subjects you may not like or may not be as familiar with. Students benefit from learning from someone else and from adapting to other teaching styles. A co-op can make homeschooling affordable because families share expenses. Some subjects, such as public speaking and drama, are best taught in group settings. Co-ops also provide accountability, healthy competition, encouragements, friendships, and socialization for your child. Character growth is developed as a result of your child learning how to share, interact with peers and take instruction from other adults. Come join us on this exciting journey!