Acrylic Painting

Grades: 5th-12thImage result for acrylic painting class
Class Time: 11:00am-12:00pm
Class Fees: $35.00

Teacher: Heather Hollingsworth
Teacher Contact:

Students in this class will be painting a celestial/fantasy inspired piece. If time and student skill permits we will complete more than one painting. Therefore, I recommend purchasing a pack of canvases. Michael’s usually has coupons that can be used.

Students will need to purchase these supplies for class…
*11×14 canvas (if you would like the next size up canvas you may)
*Craftsmart Brushes Brown Taklon 7 piece set
(large & small angled, fan brush, medium & small flat brushes, and medium and small script liner)
*Acrylic Paint Bottles… (Folkart is my personal choice)
Colors TBA